V.A.A.S./Visual Arts for All Students

V.A.A.S./Visual Arts for All Students

AEI Task Force on Certification

Kids at Work

If you would like to be involved in a VAAS meeting and cannot attend in person, arrangements can be made for you to attend remotely through Skype or Facetime. Contact on of the committee members listed below!

Mission Statement:
Visual Arts classes (K-6) in Iowa Public Schools will be instructed by a highly qualified licensed art educator.

Vision Statement:
All students deserve a comprehensive, balanced and sequential program of instruction in visual arts. The visual arts are core disciplines which make thinking visible and merit study as a means of effective communication, as historical components of civilization, and as providers of unique forms of knowledge to find self in their world through integration. Schools and school districts have the responsibility to hire highly qualified and certified arts teachers to develop and maintain programs that reflect a global and 21st century education.

Help this task force to guide lawmakers to mandate change in K-6 Visual Art licensing requirements!

Meeting dates and times are listed in the left column of the artedia.org.

For more information, contact:

VAAS Chairperson
Carol Keller-Hein
Mediapolis C.S.D. Art Teacher

VAAS Committee Member
Kathleen Almelien
Art Educator, Retired

VAAS Secretary
Jeanna Gerot
Wapello Jr/Sr High School Art Teacher


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