Emerging Excellence

Young visual artists deserve an opportunity to have mastery and exemplary performance acknowledged and to receive purposeful feedback regarding areas of strength and of needed growth from professional peers.  The Art Educators of Iowa (AEI) Emerging Excellence event reflects this spirit and intent.

Based on National Core Arts Standards
Designed to Foster Artistic Literacy
Promotes Originality & Expression
Akin to Music, Dance & Drama Contests
Open to All Types of Art Media
Based on Event Themes
Designed to Evaluate Technical Skill only
Skirt Copyright Ethical Issues
Limited by Available Wall Space
Limited to Two-Dimensional Submissions

Emerging Excellence Event Information

We hope you will plan to attend either with students or as an interested educator. This year’s EE Regional Events and Regional Directors are as follows:
April 8 – Amana Middle School in Tiffin with Molly Ray
April 22 – Indianola Middle School in Indianola with Lisa Smith
May 6 – Ames Middle School in Ames with Cappie Dobyns

Forms & Information

Below are links to forms and information regarding the AEI Emerging Excellence program.  Click on the link to read more about each topic.

Participating Teachers Forms & Information Jurors Rating Form & Information
Questions & Answers Pilot Program Summaries
Student Registration Form
Volunteer Opportunities

Here is a link to PayPal for your Emerging Excellence registration fee.

Contact Us

Lisa Smith, EE Committee Chair
Molly Ray
Cappie Dobyns, Advisor

About This Site

Art Educators of Iowa (AEI), with the blessing and support of the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA), is endeavoring to adapt and adopt a visual art event (contest) that can recognize exemplary performance while fostering Artistic Literacy, purposeful Professional Development, Service and Leadership within the profession.


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