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All State Awards Powerpoint

All-State 2014 Winners were honored at the All-State Awards on May 3rd, 2014 at the Des Moines Art Center. Winners received a poster featuring their portfolio work, a plaque for themselves and a plaque for their school. Winners are also eligible for scholarships from the Creative Center in Omaha and the Kansas City Art Institute.

If you have photos from the ceremony day, please share them with the webmaster or someone from the All-State Committee!

Student Scores
Student Scores are now available on their portals. If students have forgotten their password, they will need to click the link under the username and password fields and follow the instructions to reset it.

Underneath each portfolio slide will be a box with two columns. One indicates the judge. Each judge is given a random number: 2179, 2177, 2178, and 2181. They are not always in the same order so you will want to check the number to make sure you are comparing scores for the same judge. Judges scored work on a scale of 5 to 10 with the option to give a score of 0 for work that violated the rules of the contest or copyright.

At the bottom of your portal is a box for the scores for your essay. The judge numbers are the same. (Ex: Judge 2181 for slides is the same person as Judge 2181 for writing.) Each part of the essay was graded on a scale from 1-5. Each column indicates a different essay.

Questions for students to consider:
Based on feedback what was my best slide?
Based on judges feedback, what was my worst slide?
Which judge tended to give the highest scores?
Which judge tended to give the lowest scores?

Congratulations and Thank You to All Nominees and Nominating Art Educators

The Allstate Committee  are pleased to announce this years top portfolios.
2014 Allstate Visual Arts Awardees

2014 Awardee
Matt Constant 12 Ames High School
Lynae Dadisman 12 Des Moines Christian School
Sarah Frame 12 Dowling Catholic High School
Brittany Winch 11 Linn-Mar High School
Jack Sackett 12 Dowling Catholic High School
Jackson Knoepfler 12 Dowling Catholic High School
Aleyna Moeller 11 Norwalk High School
Kayla Corey 12 Dowling Catholic High School
Amy Carlson 12 Burlington Community High School
Autumn Schwers 12 Winterset High School
Lydia King 12 Davenport Central
Sally Diehl 12 Dowling Catholic High School
Emma Pagano 12 Dowling Catholic High School
Azlin Armstrong 12 Des Moines Christian School
Veda Sword 12 Panorama
Bryan Adamson 12 Des Moines Christian School
Victoria Campbell 11 Pleasant Valley High School
Paige Metzger 12 Tipton High School
Claire Waterman 12 Davenport Central
Kassidy Monday 12 Fremont-Mills

Schools with Highest Scores from top 5 students
2014 Allstate Visual Arts Teams
Dowling High School
Des Moines Christian School
Davenport Central High School

Kansas City Art Institute: $1,000 renewable scholarship.
Creative Center of Omaha: $1,000 one-time scholarship.

Looking forward to seeing next year’s submission of outstanding Iowa high school artists and their portfolios!

The All-State Visual Arts Awards Organization Committee
Morgan Singleton, Devin Hanson, Teri Breck, Maggie Harlow-Vogt, Andrew Pauli

All-State 2014 Information

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The following individuals have contributed their time and talents to make this year’s All-State competition successful

All State Chairperson: Devin Hanson
All-State Committee: Maggie Harlow-Vogt, Teri Breck, Andrew Pauli, Aimee Peters, Elizabeth Schmelzer