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2016 Iowa All State Competition Results

What is All State Art?

Students are nominated by their teachers and then submit a portfolio of ten digital images of their work and three essays on their artistic experiences.  These portfolios will be judged by college professors and working artists.  The top 20% will be selected as the All State Art Team, and will be honored at an awards ceremony at the Des Moines Art Center.  These students will receive scholarship offers, a personalized plaque, and a large poster of their artwork.  The three top scoring schools, based on their top ive individual portfolio scores, will be awarded the prestigious title of “All State Art Program.”

Who is Eligible for All-State Art?

Juniors and seniors are the only students who can submit portfolios to All State.  These students must submit ten works of art as part of this portfolio, however, they may not submit the same ten both junior and senior year.  For example, if a junior submits ten pieces of artwork in the 2015 competition, he or she cannot submit any of those in the 2016 competition their senior year.  It is up to that junior to decide if his or her portfolio is strong enough for two years.  If not, the artist could wait and have a better assorted and advanced variety of work for the 2016 competition.

Important Dates for 2016 All State

Closing Date Judging Deadline Awards Ceremony
Friday, March 11 Sunday, April 10 Saturday, April 30

*Portal submissions and payments are due at noon on Friday, March 11, 2016.  No exceptions will be made after that time.

2016 All State Winners are Offered the Following Scholarships:

  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) – Minneapolis, MN
    $1,000 awarded to accepted seniors that have completed an MCAD application before March 15. This scholarship is renewable at $1,000 per year totaling $4,000 over 4 years at MCAD while the student remains in good academic standing.
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) – Chicago, IL
    $2,000/year (annually renewable) SAIC Competitive Excellence scholarships to seniors meeting minimum admissions requirements.  They will be awarded upon admittance.  These scholarships would be in addition to any other merit-based scholarship they received after being admitted to SAIC.
  • Kansas City Art Institute – Kansas City, MO
    $1,000 awarded to accepted students who attend KCAI.
  • The Creative Center – Omaha, NE
    $1000 awarded to any winner accepted to and pursuing their art career in graphic art and design at The Creative Center.

Portfolio Requirements

  • Each portfolio submitted has a fee of $25.
  • The nominating teacher must be a member of AEI (Art Educators of Iowa).
  • Contact for questions about membership.
  • Contact for questions about All State.

Students will submit the following online:

  • 10 images of 10 different pieces of artwork (no separate detail images) or 1 minute segments of video with dimensions, media and title
  • photo of self
  • student essays – limited to 100 Words EACH:
    1. value of visual art in your life
    2. your influences
    3. experiences that have shaped or changed you as an artist

Portal Website

The portal to create portfolios is located at


2015 Competition

Sponsors, 2015:
Kansas City Art Institute:  $1,000 scholarships
Creative Center – Omaha, NE:  $1,000 scholarships
University of Iowa:  $1,000 scholarships
Minneapolis College of Art and Design:  $1,000 scholarships

*The above institutions will offer the scholarships under the condition of the student meeting the minimum requirements to be accepted to the institution and would be awarded upon admittance.

All State Committee, 2015
Devin T. Hanson – Morgan Singleton – Teri Breck
Maggie Harlow-Vogt – Elizabeth Schmelzer – Aimee Peters – Drew Pauli

Awards Ceremony PowerPoint

On behalf of Art Educators of Iowa and the All-State Visual Art Awards Committee, congratulations and thank you to all nominees and nominating art educators.  We appreciate the time and effort it takes to compile a portfolio and complete the submission process.  Though we provide the opportunity to recognize students for outstanding work, it is the time, nurture, and support that individual teachers give students with potential that is most significant.  Please, continue to participate and encourage other teachers in your district, region, and conference to become participating members.  The more participants involved, the more students we can honor for their outstanding efforts.

Judging, 2015

This year judging was completed remotely for the first time by the following:

Clar Baldus – University of Iowa
Jeff Byrd – University of Northern Iowa
Jan Dotzler – Creative Center – Omaha, NE
Anna Pagnucci – Ashford University
Joseph Lappie – St. Ambrose University

Judging is 100% randomized and anonymous and each individual piece is evaluated.  Essays are judged on a point scale of 0-5 Points, and Portfolio Images are judged on a scale of 5-10.  Out of 111 students who submitted, this was one of the tightest races, point-wise, in All State history.  Judge Joseph Lappie stated, “There was some really strong work this year.  I felt like ceramics was hitting it out of the ballpark.  There are also a lot of strong “drawers.”  Writing was pretty centered, with a lot of students writing about their unique voice, but an equal number of artists speaking out about the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of visual arts.  To me, this shows how strong Iowa students can be.”

Judge Jan Dotzler stated:
Let me congratulate the Iowa student artists on all their fantastic work!  There were many submissions I considered excellent, especially in the photography category.  Some of the stylized artwork had intriguing concepts and were well designed and executed.  The ceramics had a look of sophistication, as you would see in art galleries, and several realistic drawings were outstanding.  That’s a wonderful reflection of the quality standards set by the art teachers.

Student scores can be viewed in their portals under each image.

Top Portfolios
The All State Committee is pleased to announce this year’s top portfolios.

2015 All State Visual Arts Awardees

Awardee Grade School District
Aleyna Moeller  12 Norwalk High School
 Brittany Winch  12  Linn-Mar High School
 Austin Robertson  12  Davenport North High School
 Katie Sailer  12   Ames High School
 Julian Gruber  12  Central Academy
  Chloe Thompson  12  Davenport Central High School//Creative Arts Academy QC
 Ann Peters  12    Pleasant Valley High School
 Claire Pettinger  12  Mount Vernon High School
 Jacob Smith  12   Tipton High School
 Taylor Shaw  12  Davenport West/Creative Arts Academy QC
 Maddie Krumel  12   Dowling Catholic High School
 Savanna Genskow  12   Linn-Mar High School
 Bree Linville  12 Washington High School
 Jacy Embray  12  Glenwood High School
 Alexis Barr  11  Clarke High School
 William McKay  12  Davenport Central/Creative Arts Academy QC
 Deven Skaff  12  Davenport North High School
 Megan Brannen  12  Dowling Catholic High School
 Taylor Chandler  12  Davenport Central High School/Creative Arts Academy QC
 Isaiah Patton  12  Dowling Catholic High School
 Zoe Theobald  12  Dowling Catholic High School
 Alison Lancelotti  12  Norwalk High School

  Schools with Highest Scores from Top 5 Students, 2015

High School Total Score
Davenport Central High School 2304 Points
Dowling Catholic High School 2303 Points
Norwalk High School 2226 Points