AEI Mentoring

In the summer of 2007, AEI members met with the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education to form a partnership program that will provide an opportunity for every first year art teacher to have a mentor from the same content area. The program is funded though a grant from the Iowa Department of Education.

Mentors are volunteers who are AEI members. They are either currently teaching art or have retired from teaching visual art.

The AEI Mentor Program is designed to enhance, not supplant, any established district/state mentoring programs. The program is discipline specific. Mentoring is tailored to the specific teacher and teaching situation. There is an opportunity for first year art teachers to attend the fall AEI conference, to begin to establish a professional network, and to have a veteran teacher visit the classroom and share insights with the first year teacher.

First-year Teacher
A $250 scholarship for conference attendance or membership dues.
Fall Symposium, meal and mileage paid. See brochure enclosed.
Observation Mentor Program, four visits

Second-year Teacher
Observation Mentor Program, two visits

  • New teachers IN THE MENTOR PROGRAM can register for the conference and join AEI for free. The conference committee will then apply to IAAE to be reimbursed for their registration and dues.
  • New teachers can apply to be reimbursed for mileage and motel fees. The total amount cannot exceed $250.
  • Free Fall Symposium with sessions about issues that are you are facing now.
  • Mentors will receive stipends for observation visits to first year teachers.
  • No cost to the local district.

Use these forms:

Mentoring Reimbursement Form Google Doc
IAAE Observation Summary Google Doc
AEI Mentor Yearend Summary Google Doc

For more information,
contact Erin Almelien, AEI Mentoring Chair