ART EDUCATORS OF IOWA is a non-profit organization unified with the National Art Education Association and affiliated with the Iowa Alliance for Art Education.

Our purpose is to promote excellence in visual arts education in Iowa through the advancement of knowledge and skills, professional development, service, and leadership.

We are a professional organization for those interested in the future of art education. We supply exemplary networking opportunities and collegial support for educators throughout Iowa and with educators around the world.

Become an AEI Member

NAEA Logo: Advancing Art Education AEI is an affiliate of the National Art Education Association. All members of Art Educators of Iowa are automatically members of NAEA. There are many benefits of membership: in Iowa and at the national level.

Join or Renew

The easiest way to become a member is to register and pay by credit card online at the NAEA Website. You can also fill out and print the membership form here and mail it with a check to NAEA. Membership fees can be paid with Fall Conference Registration and AEI will mail your information and payment to NAEA. Be sure to fill out the membership form and send it with your registration.


Categories of Membership

Active:  Art teachers, directors of art education programs, or those engaged in pursuits closely related to the field.  Affords you all of the benefits of membership.

First Year Professional:  Recent graduates entering their first year of teaching art.  Valid for one year only.  Affords you all of the benefits of membership except the right to hold national office.  If you are involved in the Arts Mentoring Program, there is no charge for your first year.

Student:  Undergraduates and full-time graduate students.  Affords you all of the benefits of membership except the right to hold national office.

Retired:  Retirees who have been a member of NAEA for a minimum of five years.  Affords you all of the benefits of membership.

Associate Non-Art Educator:  School personnel not actively engaged in the teaching of art and for all those interested in art education.  Provides most benefits except the right to vote and to hold national office.

Institutional/School-Based Partnerships:  Institutions or departments involved with art education.  Receive all of the benefits of membership except the right to vote and hold office.  Includes a subscription to Studies in Art Education, one pre-paid national convention registration, and eligibility for NAHS sponsorship where appropriate.

Iowa Yearly Membership Rates are as follows:

(varies among states)
Active: $90
Associate: $65
Retired: $50
1st. Year Professional $55 (Paid by the Mentoring Program)
Student: $35
Institutional: $215

How can we help you?

  • The  Fall Conference, our biggest annual event, is where you can explore new methods and techniques, network with other art educators, and see nationally recognized speakers. Membership gains you a discounted entry fee and access to vendor.  (A limited number of scholarships are awarded  for preservice level members to attend the conference.)
  • Mentoring program provides guidance and help to first and second year teachers.
  • Our e-newsletter The Message keeps members inspired and challenged and increases awareness of current issues.
  • Youth Art Month Exhibit (YAM) March is the time of celebration with recognition of outstanding students and art teachers.
  • All State is the premier recognition of high school art students and their teachers and is only open to members.
  • Emerging Excellence is an event to celebrate student artists achievement and growth through juror interviews.
  • AEI has action committees dealing with advocacy, curriculum, programming, and many current issues: Fine Arts Iowa Core, portfolios, mentoring, standards, visual culture, VAAS.
  • AEI is a network of colleagues connecting to national issues and information through NAEA.
  • Traveling Art Show is a traveling museum of student artwork available to display at your school.  There is an elementary and a secondary traveling art show.

Membership I.D. cards, renewal notices, and publication labels provide valuable information.  What Do the Numbers Mean?

(I.D. Number) 3461 (Expires 200904 = YYYYMM)
Nancy Smith
19 Pine Street
Reston, IA 50191-1590
Memberships are processed on a daily basis.

New Members

New memberships begin the month that payment is processed and expire the following year on the last day of the same month. Members receive a full 12 months of membership benefits. A typical new member record will look like the following?
Join Date: September
First Issue: November JOURNAL
Expiration: End of September
Last Issue: October NAEA NEWS

Renewing Members

When renewals are received on or before the expiration date, membership is extended one year from the original expiration date. A typical renewing member record will look like the following:

Expiration: September
Renewal Payment Received: August
New Expiration Date: September

Lapsed Memberships

Members remain in NAEA records as inactive for one year past their expiration date. During this time, members receive no benefits but they do retain their Membership I.D. number and maintain their initial join date if they renew before the expiration of this one year period. Those who rejoin past the one-year period are treated as “new” members and are assigned new I.D. numbers and new initial join dates. Maintaining an initial join date is important for members to receive benefits that relate to longevity of membership. Lapsed memberships cannot be made retroactive.

More Information
For more information, about membership in Art Educators of Iowa, email

For information about NAEA membership or the NAEA website, call toll-free at 800-299-8321 or email