Distinguished Service Outside the Profession Award

Anderson & BrummondBrad Anderson, Superintendent, and Matt Brummond, Principal, are together honored with the Distinguished Service Outside the Profession Award.  Both are administrators at Woodward-Granger Community School District.  Anderson, as a principal in the district, was responsible for advocating the reinstatement of elementary art taught by a licensed  art teacher.  The elementary had no art room, so a part of the cafeteria was converted to serve that purpose.  When Brad Anderson became superintendent in 2011, he continued his support and funding of art at all levels in the district.  Matt Brummond became principal at Woodward-Granger in 2014 and has also shown a commitment to the arts. He facilitated the transition of part of the elementary cafeteria to art room and supported elementary art taught by an art teacher.   Brummond is also working on plans for an elementary talented and gifted art class.   There is a second elementary building in the district now which includes an art room complete with kiln.  Both elementary schools  have tools and supplies needed for a quality art program.  Anderson and Brummond are administrators who recognize the value of art in a student’s education and have acted to assure that art is important in the district they serve.
“In my personal life and throughout my educational career I have seen the role that the arts continue to play in promoting creativity, and personal expression while providing alternative outlets in learning. I can’t imagine what a school environment would be like without these experiences.”  Brad Anderson