Cappie says:

"Visual Art talent is acknowledged minimally and rarely afforded time within our busy school days for purposeful development,"

"For this reason, extracurricular options are vital and our middle school NJAHS chapter thrives as a result of support from the district, my principal, the AMS Boosters, my wonderful parents and my husband. My life is blessed just knowing these young artists and their families.  They make me want to be a better person and teacher and I am driven to nurture their growth and celebrate their accomplishments."


Distinguished Service Within the Profession

2010 Dawn Marie Martinez Oropeza
2009 Nancy Sojka
2008 David Pratt
2006 Laurie Olk
2005 Barbara Caldwell
2004 Ken Esveld
2003 Elizabeth Craw
2002 Joel Franken
2001 Dennis Dykena
Judy Sweetman
John Hicks
Mary Jane Gill
Bob Glocke
Kimm Stastny
Laura McGee
Elizabeth Craw
Dennis Dake
John Bowitz
Susan Kropa
Vicki Summerson


Special Service Awards

2012 Cappie Dobyns, Ames, Iowa,
Outstanding Nat. Jr. Art Honor Society Sponsor

Shirley Pfiefer
Retired Art Teacher

Janiece Kinzle
Art Educator of Special Needs Children

Bob Glocke
Lifetime Achievement

Liz Craw
Lifetime Achievement

Tammy Hoppe

Joline De Jong
Retired Art Teacher
Loren Reed
Liz Craw
Retired Art Teacher


AEI Special Service Award 2012

Outstanding National Junior Art Honor Society Sponsor
Cappie Dobyns
Ames Community School District

Cappie Dobyns

Cappie Dobyns, Ames Middle  School art educator, will be honored as its 2012 Outstanding National Junior Art Honor Society Sponsor at the joint Nebraska/Iowa art education conference on October 6, 2012, in Council Bluffs.

Dobyns' dedication to  art education is clear from the letters that were received in support of her nomination for the award. Dobyns received particularly high praises from parents Sean and Shannon Taylor and Jen Hem. Dobyns is sponsor of the National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS) their students are involved in at Ames Middle School. The NJAHS is a program sponsored by the National Art Education Association (NAEA) with whom AEI is associated with professionally.

The Taylors shared that Dobyns met, "individually with Lee and orient[ed] him to professions involving art. She showed him books; spent time with him, and left him genuinely enthused about seeking a career in Biological Illustrating." The Taylors say that this is "something Lee never would have known about had Mrs. Dobyns not spent her extra time investing in his future."

Hem commends Dobyns for the many hours spent at after school and Saturday workshops. "Her mentoring has inspired a love of art in my daughter, as well as some business sense." Hen goes on to say that "Cappie facilitated the sale of my daughter’s jewelry at a local Art Walk and my daughter had to represent her product, make change for sales, and celebrate her near $100 in profits! That’s big money for a middle school student!"

Dobyns comes to Iowa from Texas where she was highly respected in art education at the state, regional and national level. While in Texas, she served as Middle Level Western Regional Director and was the US Middle School Art Delegate at the US China Joint Educational Conference in Beijing, China, in 2002. Dobyns received NAEA's Western Region Middle Level Art Educator Award in 2001. Most recently in Iowa, she has served as the Middle Level representative on the state board and has been a member of the Iowa Core Fine Arts Writing team working closely with the Iowa Department of Education.

It is easy to sense why Dobyns is adored by students, parents and colleagues alike. She fosters an educational environment that encourages students to dream, challenge and experience creativity on a deeply personal level.