Congratulations and Thank You to All Nominees and Nominating Art Educators

Dear Nominating Teachers:
On behalf of Art Educators of Iowa and the All-State Visual Art Awards Committee, congratulations and thank you to all nominees and nominating art educators.  We appreciate the time and effort it takes to compile a portfolio and complete the submission process.  Though we provide the opportunity to recognize students for outstanding work, it is the time, nurture, and support that individual teachers give students with potential that is most significant. Please, continue to participate and encourage other teachers in your district, region, and conference to become participating members.  The more participants involved, the more students we can honor for their outstanding efforts.  We had a record 99 portfolios submitted this year, and online submission went much more smoothly.  We look forward to getting your feedback.
The Allstate Committee  are pleased to announce this years top portfolios.
2014 Allstate Visual Arts Awardees
Matt Constant
Ames High School
Lynae Dadisman
Des Moines Christian School
Sarah Frame
Dowling Catholic High School
Brittany Winch
Linn-Mar High School
Jack Sackett
Dowling Catholic High School
Jackson Knoepfler
Dowling Catholic High School
Aleyna Moeller
Norwalk High School
Kayla Corey
Dowling Catholic High School
Amy Carlson
Burlington Community High School
Autumn Schwers
Winterset High School
Lydia King
Davenport Central
Sally Diehl
Dowling Catholic High School
Emma Pagano
Dowling Catholic High School
Azlin Armstrong
Des Moines Christian School
Veda Sword
Bryan Adamson
Des Moines Christian School
Victoria Campbell
Pleasant Valley High School
Paige Metzger
Tipton High School
Claire Waterman
Davenport Central
Kassidy Monday
Schools with Highest Scores from top 5 students
2014 Allstate Visual Arts Teams
Dowling High School
Des Moines Christian School
Davenport Central High School
Please join us for the awards ceremony at the Des Moines Art Center on Saturday, May 3, 2014. We ask that students and teachers check-in by 1:30pm. Each awardee is asked to bring work to be displayed for the duration of the reception and the awards ceremony.  A reception for attendees and guests will begin at 1:30pm with the awards ceremony following at 2:00pm.  The nominating teacher or a representative will be introducing and saying a few words about each awardee.  In case of bad weather, check our website for ceremony updates or cancellation news.
If you are interested in becoming more involved in the process and would like to join the All-State Committee, please let us know.  We are always looking for new ideas and faces.  Also, if you have suggestions or comments about the new submission process feel free to contact the committee at
Kansas City Art Institute: $1,000 renewable scholarship.
Creative Center of Omaha $1,000 one-time scholarship.
Looking forward to seeing next year’s submission of outstanding Iowa high school artists and their portfolios!  
The All-State Visual Arts Awards Organization Committee
Morgan Singleton, Devin Hanson, Teri Breck, Maggie Harlow-Vogt, Andrew Pauli

All-State 2014 Information

Click here to Access the 2014 All-State Portal

We are excited to announce that the new 2014 All-State portal is now open for creating teacher accounts.  We used your feedback to improve on our online submission process from last year, and we hope our changes make the process more user friendly for you!  There were so many quality portfolios submitted last year and we are excited to see this year’s submissions.  Thank you for supporting your students and taking the time to help them to submit.  For more information about All-State or Art Educators of Iowa visit

The All-State Committee

Dates to Remember:
March 14th March 28th, 3:30pm:  Submission deadline
April 5th: Judging
May 3rd:  Awards ceremony at the Des Moines Art Center

Portfolio Requirements:
Each portfolio submitted has a fee of $25. This year, payment will be through PayPal, so only credit or debit cards will be accepted.
Students must be in grades 11 or 12.  
The nominating teacher must be a member of AEI. For more information about membership or to become a member contact Jeanna Gerot at or go to the membership page. Students will submit the following online:

  • 10 images of 10 different pieces of artwork (no separate detail images) or 1 minute segments of video with dimensions, media and title. There is no longer a requirement to have 2 of them be drawings. The program will only accept images that are at a MAXIMUM of 480 x 640 pixels, so be sure to have them sized properly.
  • Photo of self (same size restrictions)
  • Student statement will have 3 parts (limited to 150 words each):
    • Value of visual art in your life
    • Influences
    • Experiences that have shaped or changed you as an artist

Here is a suggested timeline for stress-free submission:

Please remember that registering and submitting early allows us to address issues in a timely manner.  Everyone on the All-State committee is a full-time teacher and your time management allows us to promptly assist you with tech support issues.  

This week

  1. Make sure your AEI membership is up to date and you know your member number.  You will need it to register for the All-State Portal.
  2. Create your new teacher account for 2014 by going to and clicking “Not registered?  Instructors sign up here.”
  3. Once your account is created, click “Nominate Student” and follow the directions to send activation invitations to your students to create their profiles. Students will receive an email prompting them to create their account.  All photos and application materials are submitted in the student’s dashboard.
  4. Review portfolio requirements and deadlines with students and encourage them to submit early.  

Next week (by Feb 24th)

  1.  Make sure students have successfully activated their student profiles.  You can check this from your teacher dashboard. This way tech support issues with creating profiles can be resolved early, giving you plenty of time to submit.  
  2. Begin writing your student’s nomination statements and adding them to their profiles.  You can do this from your account dashboard by clicking “Edit” on the left hand side of your student’s name.
  3. Have students begin uploading their essays and images to their account profiles.  Have them review the requirements and proofread and review their essays and slide info.  
  4. Begin researching and securing your payment method.  Only credit or debit cards will be accepted through PayPal so you may need to discuss with your business office about the preferred procedure for payment.  Unfortunately we cannot accept PO’s or other methods of payment.

The week before the deadline: (March 10th -14th)

  1. Confirm that all students have successfully submitted their portfolios. Students will submit from their student dashboards and the portal will not let them submit unless all materials are completed.    You can check which students have submitted by looking at your account dashboard.  Portfolios must be submitted by the submission deadline or the program will lock them out.  There is no way to manually override this after the deadline.  
  2. Confirm that all students portfolios have been paid for.  Unpaid porfolios WILL NOT be judged.

To get help with tech support issues with the portal or general questions about All-State, contact



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